About the Mathcamp Application Process

We are no longer accepting applications for Mathcamp 2017. Stay tuned for 2018!

  • What is the deadline for applications to Mathcamp 2017? Are applications considered on a rolling or equal basis?
    Mathcamp will offer one application cycle for this summer: the deadline to apply is March 10, 2017. We consider all applications received by the deadline on an equal basis. Learn more about dates and deadlines.
  • How and when do you announce your admissions decisions? What if I need an early decision?
    We begin reviewing applications immediately after the submission deadline, and make our offers of admission on April 10. At that same time, we place a small number of candidates on the waitlist and notify students who have not qualified for this year's program.

    If you need a decision earlier than April 10, you may contact us. Please include your application ID number (automatically created when you begin your online application), the date by which you need an early decision, and the specific reason for the request.

    (Please keep in mind that we are reviewing hundreds of applications, and "it would be helpful to know sooner" is not a compelling reason. On the other hand, "I have been accepted to Summer Program X and would need to place a non-refundable deposit on or before April 5th in order to secure my spot, but Mathcamp is my top choice. Receiving an admissions decision from Mathcamp by April 4th would take the gambling out of my summer planning." is a reasonable request, and one we would try to honor.)

    When reviewing candidates for early decision, we will give you a 'yes' or 'no' answer only if it's clear what the decision will be; if your application is in the middle of the bell curve, we may be unable to give you a final answer until decision day, in which case we'll let you know that you're still in the running, but that we cannot offer you early admission (and you can proceed accordingly).

    If, at any point during the application season, you have decided to accept another offer, you may withdraw your Mathcamp application from consideration – just email us to let us know.

    All decisions are announced via email; please be sure that emails from mathcamp.org will be delivered to your inbox (and not to spam). (Need help? See our tutorial on how to whitelist emails.)
  • When do I need to apply for financial aid? When will we hear about scholarships?
    Candidates who would like to be considered for financial aid should please submit completed financial aid applications at the same time as the application for admission. After we have admitted a student, we will immediately review their scholarship application. We will do our best to make financial aid offers contemporaneously with offers of admission (or shortly thereafter, if we need any additional information from your family to put together the aid package).
  • I'm on the waitlist. When will I find out?
    We invite students to attend Mathcamp off the waitlist one by one, as space becomes available. The waitlist is unordered, and we cannot tell you how high you are on the list: choosing the next student admitted depends on lots of factors, including overall composition of the camp. We will let everybody know no later than June 1. Thank you for your patience!
  • What about late applications?
    Late applications will be considered only for spots on the waitlist. Due to the large number of applications, we admit very few (if any) late applicants.
  • How many problems from the Qualifying Quiz do I need to answer?
    Most students who are admitted have given at least partially correct solutions to at least half the problems on the quiz. This does not mean that once you're done with a few problems, you should stop working! Not only is there a danger that some of your solutions may be incorrect, but, more importantly, the Qualifying Quiz is your chance to show us that you are really serious in your desire to explore new mathematics, and are willing to think hard about challenging topics. In general, it is not only your score that matters: what we're looking for in the Quiz is for you to demonstrate that you are passionate and curious about mathematics. The Quiz is our chance to get to know your thought process, communication style, and the approach you take when you meet a challenging math problem. The "how" is at least as important as the "how many."
  • I was admitted to Mathcamp in a previous year, but did not attend. Do I have to reapply?
    Yes, you do need to reapply. (We will ask in your application whether or not you have applied in the past; further, we suggest that you mention your earlier admission in your personal statement, just to jog our memories.) If your admission was recent (last year), then you may contact us and request to re-use your letters of recommendation from 2016.
  • I attended Mathcamp last year, and I want to come back again this year. Do I have to reapply?
    Except in unusual circumstances, if you have attended Mathcamp before, you are automatically welcome to return to the camp in future years. See the alumni page for more information.