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Dates and Deadlines for Alumni Returning to Mathcamp 2021

The 2021 Calendar

There is no "counting" step this year, because there is no alum cap: all eligible alums are invited to participate in Virtual Mathcamp.

  • Sign-ups to indicate interest open on February 1 and must be submitted by March 31, 2021.
    This step is not binding; it just gets you on our radar for this year.
  • The commitment phase begins April 1 and ends April 15.
    This is how you claim your spot. We will use the number of alum spots claimed as input for deciding how many new campers to admit, so claiming your spot during the commitment window is important.
  • Registration for alums will begin the next day and the deadline to register is May 21.
    Alums who did not claim a spot in the commitment phase can join the waitlist at this point.

Financial Aid

We are committed to providing as much financial aid as needed so that all alumni eligible to return are able to participate. Given the global health crisis, we want money to be the least of your concerns! Our priority is having a safe summer, and supporting our amazing students through the mathematics and community-building that are our cornerstones. We will be providing partial and full tuition scholarships as well as technology grants.

Similarly, if your family is in a position to assist others financially: we are expecting increased need for financial aid this year. If you are interested in donating to the 2021 Scholarship Fund, click here.


There's lots of information about Virtual Mathcamp in the Current Program section of the website. Look for periodic email updates from Marisa and Kevin througout the spring, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questons.

If you are curious about how registration works in a typical summer at camp, read on.

The Typical Process: How it usually works

Step 1: Express interest.

Sign-ups are open February 1 – March 31.

During this window, you can log into and fill out a very short form indicating that you might be interested in returning to camp this summer.

Important note: If you would like to apply for Financial Aid for Mathcamp 2021, please complete the financial aid application by March 31st. We will make decisions right away (within the following week) so that you can use that information in Step 2.

Step 2: Commitment.

Commitment is open is April 1 – April 15.

During this window, you press one of these buttons (at, or with the links in the email we'll send you):

  • Yes, I definitely want to come!
  • No, I'm definitely making other plans.
  • Maybe. My summer plans are TBA: I'm interested in returning, but I might also make other plans.

Step 3: Counting.

On April 16th, we do the headcount for the summer. If N ≤ 55, then we terminate this algorithm and open up registration for everybody who claimed their spot. If N ≥ 56, we move on to Step 4.

Step 4: If need be, we ask some alums to take the summer off.

Also on April 16th: if too many alums definitely want to come to camp, we will (systematically and uniformly) ask some alums to take a summer off. We'll ask the members of Group 1, and if need be, Group 2, to take the summer off. (It's theoretically possible we could get to Group 3, but unlikely.) At this point, we'll alert everyone to their status, and those with confirmed spots can begin the registration process. (See the policy for definitions of Groups 1, 2, 3, 4.)


Registration begins on or shortly after April 16th, and the registration deadline is usually Thursday, May 21st.

If we do end up turning away alums in your group, you can request that we make an exception for you. You may submit this request (by emailing us) in the week following April 16th, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible; if we are able to make the exception, then your spot will be confirmed and you'll be invited to register.