Mathcamp: L&C and Portland

L&C and Portland

The town: Lewis & Clark is situated atop a hill in a residential neighborhood of southwest Portland. Within a short walk are trails with lovely views of the city and the nearby mountains. City buses run regularly to and from more commercial sections of town, so students can easily get to and from the grocery store. (We'll also provide rides when buses run less frequently. It's about a 15-minute drive to the heart of downtown Portland. Read what the Lewis & Clark has to say about Portland, OR.

Going off campus: Students at Mathcamp are welcome to explore the nearby town. You can pick up extra pens or snacks at the campus bookstore, but campers often enjoy outings to nearby grocers, bookstores, and ice cream shops! Keeping track of our students' whereabouts is very important to us, and students must check out before leaving campus. Learn more about student safety.

Field Trips: There are great opportunities for field trips in the area on weekends at Mathcamp! Field trips are entirely optional, but open to all students. The cost of field trips is included in the camp fee. We encourage parents to complete permission forms, which are required for students to have the option to participate in some field trips.