Mathcamp 2022 will be a residential program! Learn more.

Camp Nurse

Status: We're currently hiring a camp nurse.

Canada/USA Mathcamp is a residential academic summer camp for talented high school students. Each year, we hire a Registered Nurse for a part-time position to serve as our Camp Nurse.

Dates & Location: June 29 to August 7, 2022, Colby College in Waterville, ME

About the role

This job is ideal for someone who wants to relax this summer and loves teenagers! It could be a great fit for a school/university nurse. You'll be the health professional on-call and on-campus during the program, and you'll be the point person for logistics (such as communications with parents) related to Covid-19. You'll also have a lot of flexibility and free time.

Since Mathcamp is an academic program on a college campus, we expect your active responsibilities to be minimal (12 scheduled office hours per week); the majority of your time will be on call. You'll also have scheduled time off while a part-time substitute joins us. While on call (if you're not busy with a Mathcamp task), you are free to do as you wish, giving you plenty of time to study, read, work on a project, or anything else you can do from campus. We do encourage you to participate in activities and field trips to engage and bond with the students so as to establish a baseline of trust and rapport, and to take an active role in collaborating with the rest of the staff to build an experience that the students will treasure. Mathcamp is a fun and vibrant environment, and we hope you love it here!

Job Responsibilities

The camp nurse is the healthcare professional for our population of 120 students (ages 13 - 18) and 30 staff (adults of all ages, all 18+), providing adjunctive care while the students and staff are away from their primary care providers. The camp nurse will:

  • Review each student's health record before they arrive at camp (in June); verify that immunizations are up-to-date and advise the camp directors of any medical conditions that require special attention.
  • Attend staff training before the summer to learn procedures and give basic advice to staff for responding to medical issues
  • Be on-site at least 2 hours/day, including a window in the morning (for any students taking medications). The specific hours are flexible based on your needs and the program's needs, and can be fully arranged ahead of time.
  • Organize and supervise the regular administration of daily medications.
  • Assess and treat minor illnesses and injuries that come up.
  • When not on-site, remain on-call to advise staff for any other issues.
  • Decide when participants should be seen at Urgent Care or the hospital, and monitor their progress and after-care regime when they return.

In collaboration with the logistical coordinating team on staff, the camp nurse will also play a central role in addressing any potential cases of Covid-19 at camp. The nurse will: oversee the care of those who are ill; discuss symptoms with those who are potentially ill; notify exposures (contact tracing) and implement enhanced precautions (including serial testing); determine when it is appropriate to release individuals from isolation; monitor the medical supplies at camp; track metrics (internal to camp and external) that serve as the key inputs to camp's color-code level; and take the lead for (internal and external) communication with our community.


Pediatric experience, and especially summer camp experience, strongly preferred. We are especially interested in candidates with experience providing mental health support. Nursing license valid in Maine is required. (Note that Maine is a member of the eNLC.) Note that our Covid-19 safety plan includes a vaccine mandate for all participants; see our detailed Covid-19 policies.


Compensation for this position for the duration of the program is $5,500 for an RN. This is a residential position and would require fixed office hours in the mornings as well as on-call time throughout the day. We will have a part-time substitute relief nurse available to cover for weekly time off (arranged around your preferred schedule).

Mathcamp will provide campus lodging and meals for the duration of the program (June 28 – August 11, 2022). There is some flexibility to move in date (June 28 – 30) and move out date (August 7 – 11). We also provide a stipend for travel to and from Colby.

Candidates who live locally in the Waterville, Maine area and would prefer to commute (rather than living on campus) will also be considered; in this case, the salary will be $30/h, and your off-campus daytime hours will be considered on-call time. (You will log time for on-campus hours as well as time spent responding to calls, billing in 15-minute increments.) We will provide daily rapid COVID tests for your visits to campus.

Application process

We accept applications on a rolling basis. To apply, prepare a cover letter and resume describing your interest in the role and relevant experience. Please include the name and contact information for at least one recent manager to serve as an employer reference. If you have worked in a summer camp context before (even if not so recently), please include a camp reference, either as your primary recommender or in addition.

To apply, send inquiries with your cover letter and resume to via email. After reviewing your materials, we will contact all candidates regarding next steps. Some applicants will proceed to a short interview (conducted over Zoom), which is our opportunity for both the candidate and the organization to assess whether the role is a good fit. We will continue to accept applications until the position is filled.

If you have any questions about the role or the application process, feel free to contact us. Thanks for your interest in working at Mathcamp!