Suggest a Student

We are looking for talented students who would love to spend their summer exploring advanced mathematics in an environment that allows them to set and achieve their own intellectual goals.

Photo of a student and faculty member at Mathcamp

We know how rare it is to find a student with a genuine passion for mathematics. At Mathcamp, these students discover areas of math that they might not otherwise encounter until college or even graduate school. Even more importantly, they discover a community of peers from all over the world who share their love for the subject.

Do you know a student who would be a great fit for Mathcamp? Contact us to suggest a student! We'd be happy to talk with you and reach out to your student directly.

Please note that financial considerations should not deter any student from applying. We are committed to making Mathcamp accessible to every qualified applicant. The admissions committee does not know whether a student has applied for financial aid at the time their application is being evaluated, and we meet the full demonstrated need of every admitted student (including awards of full scholarships and travel grants).

Applications from girls and non-binary students and minority students are especially encouraged.