Mathcamp 2022 will be a residential program! Learn more.

Fast Facts for Applicants

  • Program Dates: Sunday, July 3 to Sunday, August 7, 2022
  • Program Location: Colby College in Waterville, Maine
  • Covid-19 Protocols: We have developed a robust operating plan for this summer to bring Mathcamp back to a residential format. Read more.
  • Enrollment: 120 participants, typically 65 new students and 55 returning alumni. Learn more about eligibility.
  • Gender ratio: About 50% of our students are female or non-binary and 50% are male. Girls and non-binary students who love math are strongly encouraged to apply! Learn more about girls' experiences at Mathcamp.
  • Program Cost: The camp fee for each student will be between $0 and $4,500, depending on financial aid. Learn more about tuition.
  • Financial Aid: Mathcamp is free for US and Canadian families with household incomes under $65,000, and need-based financial aid is widely available for middle-income families as well as for international students, including full scholarships. Learn more about financial aid.
  • When to Apply: Mathcamp will open the application season on January 12. There is no advantage conferred by applying at the beginning of the season: all applications received by the deadline will receive equal consideration. Learn more about how to get started.
  • Deadlines: The application deadline for Mathcamp 2022 is March 10; you will be notified of an admissions decision on April 14. Learn more about dates and deadlines.

Canada/USA Mathcamp is committed to a policy of equal educational opportunity. Read our non-discrimination policy.