Student Comments: the Mathcamp Experience

Asaf R

Don't hesitate – just go. Mathcamp will become the standard of happiness you compare the rest of your life to.

Asaf Reich, '06

Mathcamp is an oasis of sanity(!) and intelligence in a harsh world. Only here have I been able to truly set myself and my mind free.

Eric Wofsey, '06

Mathcamp is a really special place. The teachers are fantastic. I've been exposed to topics and ideas and ways of thinking here that I now cannot imagine being without. The culture here is very very special. When Mathcampers are interested in something, they really dive into it. Discussions about the nature of our education system and conversations about the religions of the world can be as important a part of your day as the crazy and new math you encounter. Mathcampers hold an incredibly diverse array of opinions and have an incredible variety of ways of looking at the world, but we're all held together by our love of math. All of my viewpoints have been challenged. I've made friends I'd never have met in most other situations, friends I hope to keep for the rest of my life. I've changed so much in my two years here. I think about math in a new, deeper way. I approach problems differently. I've gained perserverence and learned to ask for help without shame and give it with joy.

Hallie Glickman-Hoch, '07

Roxana F

If you understand Mathcamp, you can understand everything. It's like having "The Book" in your hands. 'Existence is freedom' as one of the Mathcamp shirts says: probably the best definition of Mathcamp. This is the only place in the world where I can be myself. Going to Mathcamp was the best thing in all my life.

Roxana Feier, '06

The existence of Mathcamp makes me feel that I am not alone in my ways.

Reuben Aronson, '06

Amusingly, I have learned more non-mathematical things in Mathcamp than in real life. You learn to hike in summer snow, to work together to escape a pitch-black cave as your flashlight dissipates, to swing dance, but most importantly to appreciate the vast amount of amazing talent here. Mathematically, I do not even know where to begin. You will never learn complex analysis, point-set topology, and Galois theory in high school. Here, you will be immersed in a rich mathematical world that you will never have believe to have existed. Here, you will understand why we all love this beautiful creature known as mathematics. It is a pity to be off to college, never to experience Mathcamp as a camper again. Don't wait until the end of high school before you apply to Mathcamp. Do it now, before this wonderful jewel disappears... I can't help to be this cheesy when Mathcamp has affected me so much. Thank you for granting me this opportunity. I will never take this experience for granted.

Adrian Chan, '08

There is a lack of words in the English language necessary to describe that which is Mathcamp.

Alan Lu, '08

If I had to sum up Mathcamp in one word, it would be "Ewazoapab", because no current English word can fully describe how great camp is. The past four years at Mathcamp have been, without a doubt, the best experience of my life.

Drew Besse, '06

At Mathcamp I learned that the math I thought I knew was just a tiny subset of all the math out there... Mathcamp has an amazing community. Here "crazy" is a compliment, although not a very creative one. Students are encouraged to take advantage of a vast amount of freedom and the awesome thing is that we all choose to do math, as well as engage in lots of other random things which somehow seem funny. It's kind of a "you have to be there" thing. You have to come to Mathcamp.

Lisa Danz, '06

Imagine the thrill of setting out in a boat and stumbling across an island that you never knew existed before. At Mathcamp you get that thrill every day. By the end, it feels as if awhole continent has opened before you, waiting to be explored.

Alex Kandell, '06

Youlian S

Mathcamp not only taught me how to think about topological spaces, category theory, fractal geometry, complex analysis, and the math behind juggling, but it also brought me into the first community where I could truly feel at home. Prior to my time at Mathcamp, I believed that finding a group of 120 accepting, like-minded, and all around excellent people was entirely impossible. Fortunately, I was completely wrong. Both academically and socially, Mathcamp taught more to me in 5 weeks than my high school managed to teach in 4 arduous years.

Youlian Simidjiyski, '07

Mathcamp exposed me to many wonderful areas of mathematics that I previously hadn't even heard of. Mathcamp is different from other camps because it doesn't just teach you math, it makes you care about it. I've learned things here I otherwise might never have seen. Mathcamp is more than a camp, it's a community.

Don Laackman, '06

When I first applied I was a little nervous, but as soon as I came I knew I had found the perfect place with a very acceptable balance of math and other fun activities. This aspect of the camp, and the coolness of the people I met, caused me to return each of the following three years.

Piotr Wojciechowski, '06

If you are accepted to camp, you should come, no matter the location or financial problems. It will be the best choice you make in your life.

Leao Liu, '06

At Mathcamp, you meet people you never thought could exist, you do things you never thought could be possible, and you learn things you'd never dreamed of. If you've ever wanted reality to include things it didn't contain for you, come to Mathcamp.

Vicky Howse, '06