Student Comments: Community at Mathcamp

Eric W

Coming to Mathcamp has given me a community with which to interact, not just five weeks a year, but all year round.

Eric Wofsey, '07

Mathcamp was spectacular. Nowhere else can you find such a diverse set of people (both staff and campers) who not only love math, but are also awesome people to spend time with. It was really encouraging and inspiring to spend five weeks with these people; a five weeks I would never trade in for anything else.

Jonathan Love, '09

Erica P

The atmosphere of Mathcamp made it possible to be myself totally and completely, without fear of being judged. Coming to Mathcamp gave me the courage to explore new ideas and take on new challenges, not only at camp itself, but later, in the real world as well.

Erika Parks, '07

The most amazing part of Mathcamp was the people. We had such similar interests that I wasn't afraid to be myself around them. I definitely had the best summer of my life here.

Rachel Fong, '06

The people at Mathcamp are the most accepting, fun, cool, and amazing people I have ever known. Don't worry about not fitting in or not having fun, because you will. Mathcamp is more than cool, more than incredible, and more than amazing. You have to come and experience it for yourself.

Laney Kuenzel, '06

Cathy C

Mathcamp is not only a program of cool math classes and clever colloquia, but a world of alike people, all sharing a love of math. Mathematicians often have similar interests outside of math, and Mathcamp brings these people together into a thriving, memorable, and incredible summer.

Cathy Cannizzo, '07

I felt more at home at Mathcamp than at home.

James Koppel, '08

It's amazing how the staff are as friendly, and as nerdy, as the campers.

Drew Haven, '06

Sergei B

Mathcamp is the only place I've found where the social prejudices of the rest of the world simply disappear.

Sergei Bernstein, '07

Nothing stopped us from getting together to do something we all love (math). Not race, not gender, not religion, not age. Nothing.

Jamin Liu, '07

Mathcamp isn't just about the math you learn (although that is a large part of why it's so fun). You end up making some of the closest friends you'll ever have. The world at Mathcamp is completely different from the one you normally experience.

Yoonju Kim, '06

Mathcamp is half about math and half about life. The sheer number and variety of amazing people you meet here will change your life.

Frank Lin, '06