Financial Aid

If you are admitted to Mathcamp, we will make sure that you are able to attend, regardless of financial circumstances. We are deeply committed to this policy.

Mathcamp 2018 will be FREE for all US and Canadian families with household income under $65,000 (with typical assets). We will also offer travel grants for families who cannot afford transportation to and from Golden.

For families with household income of $65,000 and above, the amount of each scholarship is decided on an individual basis: we take into account household income, the number of adults and children supported by this income, college costs, cost of travel to and from camp, and special circumstances.

International students are also eligible for full and partial scholarships! Since it's an apples-to-oranges comparison for the cost of camp across countries and currencies (and since cost of living, range of household incomes, and so on vary so widely), we do not use a standard formula for determining financial aid amounts, but rather review each family's request individually.

In the past, scholarship amounts have ranged from $200 to the entire camp fee. Here is an approximation of expected family contribution to tuition for recent students, with all amounts in USD:

If your household income is... Minimum family contribution is... And the maximum is...
$0 to $65,000 $0 + free travel $0
$65,000 to $79,999 $0 + free travel $2400
$80,000 to $124,999 $500 $4,500
$125,000 to $199,999 $1500 $4,500

Please bear in mind that the size of the award depends on each student's individual circumstances, and is based on demonstrated need; the table can only give you a general sense of the amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for financial aid?
    It's easy. After you start an application, your application's home page will have a link to begin the financial aid application, which is a short, simple form for a parent or guardian to fill out. If we need more information, we'll ask. All financial aid applications submitted by the deadline receive full consideration for both admission and financial aid. (The application deadline for Mathcamp 2018 is March 15.)
  • Will applying for financial aid affect my chances of being admitted?
    No! For all U.S. and Canadian students who are applying for admission to Mathcamp, we adhere to a strict need-blind policy under which 100% of admission decisions are made without regard to the student's financial situation. That means that when we are considering your application (Qualifying Quiz, recommendations, statement of interest, and math background), we won't even know whether or not you applied for financial aid. After we have made admissions decisions, we will put together financial aid packages for our admitted students (and let you know right away).
  • Are international students eligible for financial aid?
    Yes! We reserve a substantial portion of our financial aid budget for international students, and award many partial and full scholarships, as well as travel grants, every year. Mathcamp is not need-blind in the evaluation of international students at this time, only because the cost of travel to Mathcamp from abroad can be very high, and we want to make sure we can honor the promises we make to meet full financial need. However, if you are admitted, we will meet 100% of your financial need (for both new and returning international students). Please don't let financial considerations deter you from applying!
  • Are alumni eligible for financial aid?
    Yes. When we admit you to Mathcamp, we are committing to meeting your full financial need for every summer that you attend as a student.
  • Where does Mathcamp's scholarship funding come from?
    We are grateful to acknowledge support from the AMS Epsilon Fund and from the National Science Foundation grant DMS-1454767, as well as from gifts small and large from individual donors.

Other Sources of Support

We also encourage students to pursue external sources of funding! Here are a few sources to consider.

  • Mu Alpha Theta summer grants: admitted students who are members of their school's Mu Alpha Theta club can apply for Mu Alpha Theta's summer grants. They offer up to $2,000 for members to attend summer math programs. Visit Mu Alpha Theta for more information.
  • Davidson Institute: The Davidson Institute has provided financial aid to attend Mathcamp to qualified Davidson Young Scholars. Visit for more information.
  • Jack Kent Cooke: The Young Scholars program at the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation provides funding for summer programs like Mathcamp from eighth grade through senior high of school. Visit for more information.

In addition to our need-based aid, Mathcamp offers one small merit scholarship, to the top scorers on the Math Prize for Girls who earn admission to Mathcamp. Qualifying candidates will receive an invitation to apply in the fall.

When You Apply

Your application's home page will have a link to the financial aid application. The financial aid application should be filled out by a parent or guardian. In this application, we will ask you to provide the following:

  • Annual household income from 2017, and your estimate for 2018.
  • A list of the household members who are supported by the above income.
  • The cost of schooling, if any, for all family members (private school, college, etc.).
  • Major assets and liabilities.
  • The estimated cost of round-trip travel to Mathcamp for the applicant.
  • The portion of the cost of Mathcamp (including the travel you estimated above) your family can afford to pay.
  • Any special circumstances that you would like us to consider.

Occasionally, there are cases where we feel the short form doesn't give us enough information about the candidate's financial situation. In that case, we will ask the parent or guardian who filled out the financial aid application to submit a longer form (available in .pdf or .docx formats).