Girls' Experiences at Mathcamp

Mathcamp has always encouraged girls to apply, and actively supports an inclusive and welcoming environment. The student body is currently 43% female, and gets closer and closer to gender parity every year.

photo of girls at Mathcamp

In many advanced programs in mathematics, women are often in the minority. At Mathcamp, we know it doesn't have to be that way! Every year, some of our best, most dedicated and inspiring students, mentors, and lecturers have been female. The girls who come to Mathcamp have a wonderful time, learning mathematics and making friends.

Quotes from Mathcamp Alumnae

"When I applied, I was really scared to go to a five week camp. What if I were bored or lonely? Having come to Mathcamp, I don't think it's possible to be bored here. I can't imagine a more inclusive, active, or interesting community. I wish it were more than five weeks!"

"The best summer of my life so far..."

"I come from a relatively small town, and there aren't many opportunities or programs that allow development of math skills at all. There are a few competitions in a year, but basically all exposure you get to math comes from school. This summer, getting to go to Mathcamp, I had I think the best summer of my life so far. It was so much fun. I was exposed to so many different aspects of math that I didn't know existed."

"As an international female, I had some doubts in the beginning whether or not I should come, because I had heard that there were few girls in the camp. But as soon as I went, I realized that there was no need to have doubts. It was my best summer I ever lived; so much fun and so much math at the same time sounded impossible at the beginning. But it was possible...."

"It made me want to know more..."

photo of girls at Mathcamp

"While it was disturbing at first, not being the smartest person in the class, it turned out to be a great experience. Being surrounded by so many people who knew more than me, made me want to know more..."

"One thing that this summer did for me was show me that I truly did have an interest in math... I was able to discover that math was more than an ability for me: it was something that I enjoyed."

"Now I know what math is."

"I really liked being with other people who enjoyed math just as much as I did. I liked the freedom that we were given, from choosing classes to choosing what we wanted to do in general. I've learned so much more about math than ever before."

"I made awesome friendships."

photo of girls at Mathcamp

"The best thing about Mathcamp was meeting many new, nice, encouraging, interesting, and weird people. I got to see a whole new world of people that I wouldn't have encountered around here or at school..."

"I made a bunch of friends that I still keep in touch with, and that means a lot to me. I was able to go places and do things to have fun all throughout my visit... There was always stuff to do."

"Mathcamp gives campers so many opportunities..."

"Although I wish it would never end, I am so thankful for the three summers I have been able to attend. I have gained so much from them...mathematical knowledge, of course, ranging from problem solving methods to crazy, abstract, but beautiful math. And I've learned much more besides math. Mathcamp gives campers so many opportunities: I've edited the yearbook, taught a class, and more. There's always something to do--play some insanely complicated game (or a simple but ridiculously fun one); act in an Interactive Literature; go on a fieldtrip like a hike, a water park, ice skating, exploring a nearby city; or just hang out with friends. I could go on and on, but basically...Mathcamp is awesome."

"It turned out to be like a home to me. People were wonderful, and to see such a variety of people is great. I made awesome friendships, and learned a lot of math without even realizing it."

"I wouldn't change anything..."

"Even if I had the chance to change one thing about Mathcamp, I wouldn't change anything... it was unforgettable."

"I would definitely recommend any female who likes math and wants to taste something totally different to go to Mathcamp at least once.... It made me gain a lot, both intellectually and personally."

"I've never had such a great time in my life. Before coming to Mathcamp, I didn't really know about all the interesting types of math that existed. I've learned more in five weeks here at Mathcamp than I could have ever dreamed was possible. Everybody is friendly and nice--Mathcamp is a great place to be."

"I've loved every minute of my time here."