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What You'll Need for Virtual Mathcamp

Here is what students will need to access Mathcamp's classes and activities.

  1. A computer with a webcam (built-in or external)

    What you'll need: Campers need 24/7 access to a dedicated computer for the duration of camp. (If the household has a shared computer, that's not quite enough: students will need access all the time.) The webcam is required for connecting to classes.

    Virtual Mathcamp's online campus, and the Zoom calls that connect us, will require a modern browser and reasonably up-to-date operating system. Talk to us if you have questions about your existing hardware/software setup.

    Recommendations: If you are buying a new computer, a chromebook will work as an affordable option (about $300 here). If you have a computer without a webcam, you can add external webcam ($40, here). For web browsers, we recommend Chrome or Firefox; we will also support Safari and Edge. (Sorry, no Netscape Navigator.)

  2. A tablet and stylus

    What you'll need: A basic tablet serves as an input device, like a much better version of a mouse. For Mathcamp, the important feature is being able to write and draw in math classes.

    Any device that works with a stylus is fine. If you already have a drawing tablet, or tablet computer with a screen (e.g., an Apple iPad, a Microsoft Surface, a Galaxy Tab), or a 2-in-1 laptop, that will work.

    A device that works with a stylus is officially required: we are telling all of our instructors that they can assume every student in their class can write on shared virtual whiteboards.

    Recommendations: If you're buying a new tablet, an entry-level option will work fine ($40, here; another popular choice is $70, here). If you already have a tablet and just need to add a stylus, there are universal options ($16, here). If you have an Apple iPad, the native "Pencil" tool is more expensive, but works very well.

  3. Headphones with microphone

    What you'll need: A directed headset allows for clear audio communication in groups (to reduce feedback and ambient noise).

    Recommendations: Any headset with a built-in microphone is just fine.

  4. Access to a smartphone or digital camera

    What you'll need: A camera allows for sharing photos and handwritten things (a lot of Mathcamp is analog!).

    Recommendations: We strongly recommend each student have access to a smartphone or tablet with a camera: this serves additional purposes, like accessing our text platform (Slack) without being at your computer. However, a digital camera is also fine.

  5. A stable, high-speed internet connection with unlimited data

    What you'll need: You'll need at least 5 Mbps to access the Zoom calls.

    Recommendations: If your internet data plan is limited, talk to us about increasing it.

We'll be in touch with all families receiving scholarships about grants to address any technology gaps in both hardware setup and home internet access that would prevent students from participating fully. We will be providing hardware, software, and internet upgrades to any students who need support.