All Mathcamp programs and reunions are currently online: Learn more.

Safety at Mathcamp

At Virtual Mathcamp, the rules of camp still apply: be excellent to each other, no stupid stuff. We will continue to be accountable to one another as a community, and the physical and mental well-being of each student remains our top priority.

An online program presents a new challenge: staying safe on the internet. We are building a closed online community that will be accessible only to participants of Mathcamp 2021 (so that we are not vulnerable to "zoombombing"). We will be implementing new guidelines this year to ensure the safety and privacy of our students and staff.

To learn about safety-related policies in a typical year at camp, read on.

The dorms: Access to the Mathcamp dormitory area will be limited to Mathcamp students and staff, college personnel, and authorized visitors. Outsiders will not be admitted. Students will be issued dorm room keys, building keys, and lanyards to carry their keys at all times. We ask that students keep their rooms locked as an extra layer of protection.

Sign in: Students will be required to check in with a designated staff member between 8 pm and 10 pm every night and will not be allowed to leave the dormitory area after that time, unless accompanied by camp personnel. (More about sign in.)

Going off-campus: Students at Mathcamp are allowed to leave campus without staff supervision. However, there are certain restrictions:

  • They must remain in groups of three or more students.
  • Groups must check out at the Mathcamp office before leaving campus. When they do, the staff member on duty will ask the students for a plan (where are you going? how will you get there? what time will you return?) and a cell phone number at which they can be reached. If no one in the group has a personal cell phone, we have mobile phones available to borrow; maintaining communication with camp is a must.
  • All groups must return to campus by the end of sign-in (10pm) and check in at the Mathcamp office.

Students may not leave campus alone, even those who are 18 or older. Further, students may not leave campus accompanied by adults who are not Mathcamp staff unless express permission is given by a parent or guardian in advance. (More about permission forms.)

Medical Issues: In case of a medical problem or other emergency, we will notify the parents or guardians immediately, while at the same time prompt medical attention will be administered as required. (More about Health Care at Mathcamp.)

If you have any questions about safety at Mathcamp, don't hesitate to contact us; we are very committed to keeping students safe and we want to make sure that you feel comfortable sending your child to Mathcamp.