Mathcamp: Staying in Touch

Staying in Touch

If you need to reach the Mathcamp staff, you can use our office number (888-371-4159); if we're not available, you can leave a message and we'll return your call.

Communicating with Campers

Please do not use the Mathcamp office phone to leave messages for individual students, except in an emergency. Instead, here are ways to contact your camper:

By email: Students will have daily access to a computer lab at L&C and several computers in Copeland Hall, where they will be able to check their email. Students who bring their own laptops will also be able to log onto the L&C wireless network on campus.

By phone: Campers are permitted to bring cell phones and encouraged to use them to keep in touch with their families during camp. For those not bringing personal cell phones, we will have "call-your-parents" phones available to borrow for up to an hour at a time from the camp office.

By mail: Campers love receiving letters and care packages! Please direct mail to:

Lewis & Clark College
Conferences & Events Office
c/o Mathcamp: Camper Name
MSC 105
0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd.
Portland, OR 97219

To make sure that your mail reaaches its indended recipient, please do not send mail to students after July 18 from outside the US, and July 22 from within the US.

A NOTE TO PARENTS: We often get calls from parents who are concerned that their child has not called or emailed home in a while. Invariably, the student is simply very absorbed in camp activities – there is always a lot going on at Mathcamp. Our staff members do issue periodic reminders for all campers to call home, but it is up to you to impress upon your child the importance of keeping in touch. Be sure to talk to them before they leave and to agree in advance on the best times and frequency for contacting you.