When You Arrive

Day 0 at Mathcamp is very exciting! When you get to campus, you will check in at the welcome desk in the dorm, and we will show you to your dorm room. Throughout the day, there will be (optional and informal) events scheduled like games and campus tours. You will also meet your Residential Advisor (to whom you will already have been introduced via email). With students arriving throughout the day, camp feels a little hectic, but your goal for Day 0 is just to get settled and comfortable.

All permission forms, insurance cards, and other registration materials can now be submitted electronically through our secure system during the registration process in April, May and June. When you arrive at Mathcamp, here's what we'll collect at the welcome desk:

  1. The balance of the camp fee, payable in US Dollars. Students from the US may pay by personal check or bank draft. International students are requested to pay by bank draft (or in advance by wire transfer). Please do not pay in cash, since transporting cash always involves a risk (for you and for us). Checks and bank drafts can be made payable to "Mathcamp".
  2. Any valuables that you'd like us to hold onto (e.g. passport, spending money).

You will then pick up your room keys and meal card (with a lanyard to carry them around), and a handy "Welcome!" folder with maps, schedules, class descriptions and more.

If you would like to ship clothing, supplies, or other items for students to campus prior to arrival day, you can mail boxes to Mathcamp up to two weeks before camp begins. Stay tuned for this year's mailing address. On arrivals day, you will be able to pick up your packages from the Mathcamp office.