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When You Arrive

Day 0 at Mathcamp is very exciting! When you log into our Virtual Mathcampus for the first time, your first stop will be to check in with your Residential Advisor and RA group (to whom you will already have been introduced via email). Your RA group will get oriented to the space together. Then you'll meet up with the whole camp community, and spend some time learning about how camp works. Later that day, you'll get a chance to meet one-on-one with your Academic Advisor to start planning your summer.

The beginning of camp always feels a little hectic, but your goal for Day 0 is just to get settled and comfortable, and to get oriented to how camp works. (It's also our chance to make sure everybody knows what they need to know in order to participate in camp, and has met all of the staff members. So, orientation day is maybe the most important day of Virtual Mathcamp!)

In the weeks leading up to camp, you'll have several set-up tasks to do in order to make sure that you're ready to access camp on Day 0. The day before camp starts, you'll also receive a "Welcome!" folder with schedules, class descriptions, and more. Check your email for instructions.