Camp Calendar

Here is the calendar for summer 2019. (If you're thinking about future summers of Mathcamp, you can keep in mind that the calendar is similar each year, but may shift earlier or later by a week or two.)

Students may arrive at any time of day on the first Sunday of camp; if at all possible, we recommend arriving in the afternoon so as to have a chance to settle in before dinner. The first Monday of camp is a very full day, getting new and returning students oriented to the program and the campus, and having our first academic advising sessions of the summer. Classes begin on Tuesday and we're off to the races!

Dates Activities
Sun, July 5Students arrive. ("Day 0")
Mon, July 6Orientation Day ("Day 1")
Tue, July 7 – Sat, July 11Week 1 of Classes
Sun, July 12 – Mon, July 13Weekend 1
Tue, July 14 – Sat, July 18Week 2 of Classes
Sun, July 19 – Mon, July 20Weekend 2
Tue, July 21 – Sat, July 25Week 3 of Classes
Sun, July 26 – Mon, July 27Weekend 3
Tue, July 28 – Sat, August 1Week 4 of Classes
Sun, August 2 – Mon, August 3Weekend 4
Tue, August 4 – Fri, August 7Week 5 of Classes
Sat, August 8Last full day of camp activities
Sun, August 9Students depart.

On the last Friday of camp, we host the Project Fair and the Talent Show. There's a Closing Assembly on the evening of the last Saturday of camp, and students depart in the morning (often very early) on Departures Day.

The program is designed to be a full five-week experience. However, we do make occasional exceptions to allow students to miss a few days of camp. Students can contact us to discuss special circumstances.