This Year's Classes

Mathcamp 2024 is now in progress! To watch as the summer unfolds, take a look at the 2024 Classes.

Our faculty are encouraged to teach what they're most passionate about, and many design new courses each year. That means that we don't announce the details of the summer's curriculum until shortly before camp starts! But the overarching principles of our curriculum design remain constant, so here's an overview of what to expect each summer.

Photo of a Mathcamp class

Every year, we run a collection of introductory courses. One will cover Proof Techniques, and others will cover introductory material in some core subjects that will be prerequisite for many future classes: for example, Linear Algebra, Group Theory, Number Theory, and Graph Theory. We also teach collections of courses on core topics in pure math (often described as "clusters" or "tracks" of classes on related themes): Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Combinatorics, Geometry, and lots more. We offer some courses each year on applications of math to related fields, and others on problem solving.

Since the courses change from year to year, returning alumni always have something new to look forward to.