Resources for Students who love Math

Here are some resources that we recommend. Want even more? See this list!

Summer Programs

We're no longer accepting applications 2023, but below are several programs we recommend that are still inviting applications for this summer. Last updated 4/16/2023.

  • Other Great Residential Programs for High Schoolers
  • Other Great Residential Programs for Middle Schoolers
    • CTY, grades 2–12 (rolling admissions through May 19)
  • Other Great Online Programs
  • Other Mathematical Resources

      Online Math Classes

      • AoPS Courses (low cost): excellent online math courses for high-school students, with homework and feedback from instructors.
      • Stanford Online Courses (requires per-class tuition): university courses for pre-college students, self-paced and with instructor support.
      • Coursera (free to audit, low-cost with financial aid available for enrollment): large open online courses, scheduled for 5-14 week sessions.
      • The Online Courses Directory (free): a collection of online college courses from major universities (such as MIT), study at your own pace.
      • MIT OpenCourseWare (free): materials (videos, lecture notes) from MIT courses.
      • Khan Academy (free): interactive courses on various subjects, including K-12 and intro college math.

      Year-Round Math Classes and Research Opportunities

      • Learning Unlimited Programs: day- and weekend-long festivals of learning, much in the style of Mathcamp classes.
      • Math Circles: weekly or monthly gatherings exploring cool topics in math. Find a circle near you or start your own!
      • PRIMES: Research in STEM for high school students.

      Problems, Problem Solving, and Math Competitions

      Interactive Web Utilities and Study Materials

      Other Online Resources

      • Real Not Complex: curated, free textbooks.
      • The Napkin Project: giant textbook, which aims to make higher math accessible to high school students.
      • 3Blue1Brown: beautiful animations alongside approachable, detailed explanations.

      Collaborative Spaces by and for Research Mathematicians

      (Watch research unfold!)
      • Math Overflow: for mathematicians to ask and answer research-level math questions
      • PolyMath: a blog and wiki for "massively collaborative mathematical research projects",
      • The Open Problem Garden: a collection of unsolved problems in mathematics.