Why send a student to Mathcamp?

Mathcamp gives an incredible academic experience to incredible students. We empower students to take charge of their own education: as a camper, you can take any classes you want, and even the number of classes that you attend each day is up to you: you can use the rest of the time to review what you've learned, talk to one of your professors, work on problems, or just take a break. For many students, the freedom to take charge of their own education is one of the aspects of Mathcamp that they value most.

Photo of students at Mathcamp

Equally profound is the learning that takes place outside of the classroom. For many (if not most) students, Mathcamp will be the first time that they have found a real peer group, and we watch them thrive in an environment of mutual respect and admiration.

You'll know a Mathcamper when you see one: the fiery passion for mathematics, the innate curiosity, the eyes that light up when they meet a kindred spirit. If you have a student like this in your community, encourage them to apply!

 Mathcamp opens doors you never knew existed. It offers you glimpses into strange, new worlds – pathological topological spaces, category theory, hyperbolic geometry and linear optimisation, among others. It introduces you to a community—no, a family—incredibly diverse in talent yet united by a common passion in math. It instills in you a confidence and spirit you find yourself drawing upon when you encounter real-world challenges. Five weeks pass in a flash, but these doors stay open far longer than that. 
Yongquan L.