Mathcamp 2020 Staff

The summer staff at camp is made up of Faculty, Mentors, Junior Counselors ("JCs"), and the Camp Nurse. In addition, we bring several Visiting Speakers each week who give guest lectures and courses.

Faculty at Mathcamp are professors (and professionals) in mathematics and related fields; Mentors are graduate students in mathematics and computer science. The Faculty and Mentors teach classes at camp, picking the course topics freely from among their favorite kinds of math. They also supervise projects, and serve as academic advisors, helping students choose their classes and work towards their mathematical goals for camp.

JCs, all of them camp alumni, are undergraduates who run the non-academic side of camp (from field trips to first aid to frisbee games). Mentors and JCs live in the dorms with students, and each student is assigned a Mentor or JC as their residential advisor: RAs live on the same hall as their advisees and look out for them on a day-to-day basis.

Like campers, the staff often return year after year to Mathcamp!