The format of Mathcamp 2022 is still TBD, but we hope to run a residential program! Learn more.

Mathcamp Schedule

The specific schedule for 2022 has not yet been announced; we will post dates and details in January. Here's how it works in general:

When Mathcamp is held in our traditional residential format, Mathcamp runs for five weeks, starting and ending on a Sunday. Campers can arrive any time on the first Sunday of camp. The first Monday of camp is a very full day, getting new and returning students oriented to the program and the campus, and having our first academic advising sessions of the summer. Classes begin on Tuesday and we're off to the races!

Every week, classes take place from Tuesday to Saturday. The Mathcamp "weekend" happens on Sundays and Mondays. During the weekends throughout camp, the staff organize lots of different field trips. Typically, Sundays are for relaxation and small-group outings; major field trips are scheduled for Mondays, to avoid the crowds. All field trips are optional! Some campers choose to stay on campus and take a break (or work on math).

On the last Friday of camp, we host the Project Fair and the Talent Show. There's a Closing Assembly on the evening of the last Saturday of camp, and students will say goodbye in the morning on Departures Day, which is the last Sunday of camp.