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Virtual Mathcamp Schedule

The schedule below is from Mathcamp 2020; we expect 2021 to be similar, and will post any changes as we get closer to camp.

The majority of Mathcamp's students are in North America and Europe, and the academic schedule is designed with this in mind. Our shared day will begin at 9am Pacific (UTC-7), and therefore Pacific Time will be our "Mathcamp Standard Time" (MCST).

Here's what a weekday (Monday through Friday) at Virtual Mathcamp will look like:

1pm–3pmDrop in for Time: Academic, Unscheduled (TAU)

The time designated for TAU during the week will be set aside for TPS on Friday afternoons.

On Saturdays, we'll have "Field Trips" in the morning and Relays on Saturday afternoons to cap off the week.

The official day off is Sunday, and we encourage students to take some time to connect with their households and local communities.

What happens outside of the 9–3 window?

Before and after the core academic day (9am–3pm):

  • There will be lots of social activities. All of them are optional, but we hope you'll participate in—and organize!—events.
  • You will also have one officially-scheduled meeting outside of this window: your weekly Academic Advisor meeting, which will be either Friday between 3:30pm and 5:30pm MCST or Saturday between 6:30am and 8:30am MCST. It's a short meeting (between 10 and 15 minutes), so we don't expect it to be a big screen-time commitment, but it's an important opportunity to reflect on your week and plan for what's coming up.
  • Some of the bigger camp-wide events, like a discussion about Impostor Syndrome, will be scheduled immediately following TAU, in the 3pm–4pm range, when we hope to take advantage of most of the students being awake.

In planning the daily schedule, we're taking into consideration both our campers in a wide range of time zones and the fact of video fatigue. We encourage everybody to take breaks from screens throughout the day!

The Bird's Eye View

Here is the global calendar for summer 2021. Camp will begin at 9am Pacific Time (or "Mathcamp Standard Time") on the first Sunday of camp. The first day of camp is a very full day, getting new and returning students oriented to the program and the virtual campus, and having our first academic advising sessions of the summer. Classes begin on Monday and we're off to the races!

Dates Activities
Sat, July 3 Students arrive and get oriented. ("Day 0 and Day 1")
Mon, July 5 – Fri, July 9Week 1 of Classes
Sat, July 10 Weekend 1
Sun, July 11 Day Off
Mon, July 12 – Fri, July 16 Week 2 of Classes
Sat, July 17 Weekend 2
Sun, July 18 Day Off
Mon, July 19 – Fri, July 23Week 3 of Classes
Sat, July 24 Weekend 3
Sun, July 25 Day Off
Mon, July 26 – Fri, July 30 Week 4 of Classes
Sat, July 31 Weekend 4
Sun, August 1 Day Off
Mon, August 2 – Fri, August 6 Week 5 of Classes
Sat, August 7 Last full day of camp activities
Sun, August 8 Students depart.

On the last Friday of camp, we host the Project Fair and the Talent Show. There's a Closing Assembly on the evening of the last Saturday of camp, and students will say goodbye in the morning on Departures Day.