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Planning for COVID-19

Last updated 5/7/2020

Mathcamp 2020 will take place online. The Mathcamp Board of Directors has made the difficult decision not to host an in-person program this summer. While an online program cannot replace the residential experience of Mathcamp, we are excited to build a new and dynamic online program for our students this summer. Learn more about Virtual MC.

International Students: We invite new students, returning alumni, and staff from around the world to participate in Virtual Mathcamp this summer. This will be easiest for those whose time zones are aligned with Canada and the continental US (hello, friends in Brazil and Peru!): the academic day will begin at 9am Pacific / noon Eastern, and a significant part of the program (academic and nonacademic) will be synchronous. However, we will leave it up to individuals to decide whether and how they wish to participate this summer.

Alumni: The calendar for alumni commitment and registration will be shifting this year to run a little bit later than usual. See dates & deadlines for more information, and stay tuned for periodic updates from Marisa and Kevin.

Planning for Next Summer: Safety is our first priority. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic over the coming months, and follow the guidelines of the CDC and state health departments. We hope to hold our program in person in the summer of 2021! We will continue to update this page as further information becomes available.

Meanwhile, the Mathcamp staff are all working from home, and we ask everyone in the extended Mathcamp family to join us in sheltering in place to protect our communities.

May 7: Shorted this page (see other sections for more on VMC 2020) and refocused on 2021.
April 15: Announced online Mathcamp 2020.
April 12: Indicated that we will share our next big community-wide update on April 15.
April 1: Added information for alumni; introduced online option.
March 26: Clarified that all travelers should hold off on booking tickets.
March 16: Broadened language for the whole community, including staff.
March 11: Created full page to introduce policy updates for students.
March 3: Added initial announcement.