Local Reunions

Alumni periodically organize local reunions (in particular in Boston, New York, and the Bay Area) using the region-specific mailing lists.

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MIT Mystery Hunt

The MIT Mystery Hunt is a puzzle hunt competition that takes place on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts every January during the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend. Lots of Mathcampers participate, and there are often teams open for any Mathcamper to join. (Keep an eye on the all-alumni mailing list for team invitations.) Mathcampers who are traveling to the Boston area for the event have frequently arranged meetups (typically on the Thursday night before Hunt begins). We encourage you to use the Mathcamp email lists and Discord server to connect with fellow Mathcampers who will be participating!

Math Prize for Girls

The Math Prize for Girls competition happens each fall at MIT, with a whirlwind weekend of fun activities. Mathcamp alumnae frequently arrange MPfG meetups: if you're attending the event, connect with fellow Mathcampers on Slack or Discord!