Math Background

In the "Math Background" section of the application, we'll build up an informal resume, and learn more about your mathematical experiences. Here's what we ask in this section:

  • The high school math curriculum: Where you are now in learning the material that's traditionally covered in high school. (We do not require transcripts, official or unofficial; instead, we ask for self-reporting of your content knowledge.)
  • The academic year: Your current school, what classes it offers, and when you expect to graduate from high school.
  • The summer: Have you attended any math summer programs before? If so, which ones?
  • Other math activities: We're curious about all the ways that you further your mathematical education: extracurricular classes you’ve taken (e.g. math circles), online courses, college/university courses, research projects, self-study, books you’ve read. You should just list them here, and if there are any stories you want to share, you can include them in the About You section. It’s also fine if you leave this section blank!
  • Competitions (optional): Some Mathcamp students participate in individual and/or team math contests and other STEM competitions. If you have received any STEM honors or awards that you would like to share, you may list them here (with scores, if applicable). We expect most applicants to leave this section blank, so don’t worry if you haven’t participated in any competitions! It will not affect your application.
  • Your subjective experience: We would like to learn about your school’s math resources, your math community, and how you feel about it. What are good things about it? Are your teachers supportive? What would you change if you could?
  • Access: Have you encountered any circumstances (such as limited course selection or disruptions) that have impacted your access to studying math? If so, please explain.

There are no right or wrong answers: we just want to be able to put your application in context, and make sure you’re mathematically ready for camp.