International Students

Mathcamp welcomes applications from around the world! Approximately 10% – 15% of our students are from outside the U.S. and Canada, and our international students contribute to the rich diversity of campers at Mathcamp.

Photo of international students

We do not require TOEFL scores in our application; however, our program takes place entirely in English, and students should only apply if they are comfortable both studying math and socializing in English. (You will be exhausted and frustrated if your participation is hindered by a language barrier.)

The deadline for application to Mathcamp 2024 is March 6, and we will announce admissions decisions on April 18, 2024. Shortly thereafter, we will contact each international student to begin the process of making travel arrangements, and, if need be, applying for tourist visas.

Are international students eligible for financial aid?

Yes! Just like students from the U.S. and Canada, all international students are eligible for financial aid, and we even provide full tuition scholarships with travel assistance for those families who are unable to afford transportation to and from the program. Please do not let financial circumstances deter you from applying!

Does admission depend on being able to pay tuition?

Admission to Mathcamp is irrespective of need for absolutely everybody, including international students. At the time of evaluating your application for admission, we won't even know whether or not you have applied for financial aid: it is not a factor in admissions decisions. Note that the standard formulas for estimating scholarship for US and Canadian students do not apply for other countries (as the cost of living varies widely), so we review each admitted student's financial aid application individually and create a customized award (partial or full, and including a travel grant if need be). When we admit a student to Mathcamp, we commit to meeting their demonstrated financial need.

What if I would need a visa to enter the U.S.?

Every year, we help campers apply for tourist visas to come to Mathcamp. (Since you are not matriculating at a university or taking courses for credit, you are not considered a student from the perspective of visas; your trip to the U.S. will be "mathematical tourism.") We will help you through the visa application process, from start to finish. The key is starting early! There should be no difficulty in getting your visa once you get an appointment at the consulate, but the wait for appointments can be very long. We will stay in touch about your progress towards obtaining a visa at every step of the way.

Mathcamp is proud to have participants from all over the world, and international students are an important part of our family. One international student described the experience:

 Mathcamp opens doors you never knew existed. It offers you glimpses into strange, new worlds: pathological topological spaces, category theory, hyperbolic geometry and linear optimisation, among others. It introduces you to a community – no, a family – incredibly diverse in talent yet united by a common passion in math. It instills in you a confidence and spirit you find yourself drawing upon when you encounter real-world challenges. Five weeks pass in a flash, but these doors stay open far longer than that. 
Yongquan Lu, Singapore