Early College Students

Even though Mathcamp is primarily a program for high school students, we also welcome applications from early college students who are still of high school age (specifically, have not yet turned 18).

Many of us at Mathcamp have taken non-traditional educational paths—and for some of us (both students and staff), this means starting college 2–5 years early. Mathcamp is a great summer option for young math majors. The academic program provides opportunities for mathematical study and growth akin to those found in a traditional REU: we teach undergraduate- and graduate-level math classes, and if there's a particular area you're interested in (or you want to get better at!), our faculty can help you create a curriculum to meet your needs.

Residential life at Mathcamp will include the freedom and flexibility you're used to as a college student. But Mathcamp provides something more: a group of like-minded peers, your own age, who are bright, creative, and love math. As one early college camper put it: "Coming to Mathcamp has given me a community with which to interact, not just five weeks a year, but all year round."

Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular situation.