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A Typical Day at Mathcamp

There is almost no such thing as a typical day at Mathcamp! You create your own days. Mathcamp's schedule is packed with classes, activities, and everything else we can possibly fit in. In every class hour, there are lots of classes to choose from, with a variety of topics and levels of difficulty; every evening, there are lots of activities going on: sports, music, dancing, board games, and all the wacky and creative events that the staff and students can dream up. Everything on the schedule is optional: students choose what they want to do and when. We provide a framework in which you can learn a lot of math and have a lot of fun.

Virtual Mathcamp's calendar is designed to capitalize on the times when students and staff in North America and Europe are likely to be awake: namely, the six-hour window which begins at 9am in California and ends at midnight in Poland. For convenience, "Mathcamp Standard Time (MCST)" is Pacific Time (UTC-7). (It lines up with the start of classes.) See this in other time zones. Here's what a weekday (Monday through Friday) at Virtual Mathcamp looks like:

9am–11amFirst and Second Class Blocks
Noon–1pmThird Class Block
1pm–3pmTime: Academic, Unscheduled (TAU)
3pm onwards(Flexible schedule) Social Activities

On Saturdays, students relax, work on math (like Projects), and participate in Field Trips and Relays. The four Sundays internal to the program (at the end of Week 1, 2, 3, and 4) are days off so that we can spend time with our friends and family at home.