Press Coverage of Mathcamp

image of 2013 Imagine article

Imagine (June 2013)
"More than Math: The Lasting Benefits of Summer Programs" was published in Imagine, a magazine for gifted and talented precollege students. The article was written by Mathcamp alum Yasha Berchenko-Kogan and provides a good perspective from one of our students. Imagine is a magazine published by the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University; you can find out more at their web page.

image of 2010 Nirvana in Numbers article

Simons Foundation (December 2010)
We had a journalist at Mathcamp 2010 who wrote a lovely article about Mathcamp, featuring profiles of several Mathcamp alumni. Her piece is now posted on the Simons Foundation website: "Nirvana in Numbers".

image of 2006 Imagine article

Imagine (September 2006)
"Strange New Universe: Two Summers at Mathcamp" was published in Imagine, written by Mathcamp alumna Sara Sheehan. It provides an insider's perspective on the program.

image of 2003 Strength in Numbers article

Globe and Mail (August 2003)
"Strength In Numbers" was published in the The Globe and Mail. It was written by a non-mathematician for a non-mathematical audience, but conveys some of the excitement about math that exemplifies the spirit of Mathcamp.

image of 2001 Focus article

FOCUS (December 2001)
"I'd Rather Go To Mathcamp" was written by Brenda Fine, a Mathcamp alum and counselor, and published in of FOCUS, the newsletter of the MAA. (Reproduced by permission of the MAA.)