Planning for Covid-19

Last updated 11/12/2022

We took Covid-19 precautions very seriously in summer 2022, and successfully ran a safe program with no outbreaks, even in an environment with high risk from students and staff traveling from all over the world to be together.

The widespread availability of vaccines (including for people under 18) and rapid tests made it possible for us to plan a safe return to campus. The key summer staff decided together that we had two goals for the summer. The first was to make camp feel as normal as possible: students freely choosing classes and socializing, with a full academic schedule and a vibrant main lounge. The second was preventing outbreaks at camp, which would not only pose health risks but would overload staff capacity for a robust response to cases.

For more details regarding our 2022 Covid-19 protocols, read the 2022 Covid-19 Protocols section, or download the Mathcamp 2022 Covid-19 Plan [PDF] (our policies and procedures document) and the Scientific Appendix [PDF].

Addressing safe operations during Covid-19 remains a top-of-mind issue as we plan for next summer, and we are in the process of designing the 2023 policies in consultation with public health and medical professionals. As the world adapts to living with Covid, and as the scientific community provides updated guidance on which interventions provide the most effective protection, we are able to be more targeted in our approach. As we revise our protocols, our aim is to create a more relaxed setting at Mathcamp 2023 while still achieving our goals of safety and comfort for all participants.

We will continue to require up-to-date Covid vaccines for all students, staff, and guests. We will also require pre-travel testing and at-camp testing upon arrival, and will take targeted precautions during camp to prevent the spread of Covid, building on CDC and Champlain College guidelines. Our detailed Covid-19 Protocols for summer 2023 will be published in January.