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Status: We are no longer accepting applications for summer 2021.

Strong candidates for this role are typically PhD students in pure or applied mathematics. You may apply up through and including the last year of your PhD program, when Mathcamp would be the summer after you finish your degree. Those in the summer between a Master's and PhD program are also eligible to apply, as are graduate students in closely-related fields. Candidates must be at least one year out of college to be considered for the role.

We invite applications from all over the world, as well as from international students who are studying in the US. In years when our program is residential, we help our staff arrange for work visas (e.g. J-1 visas for those coming from abroad, and CPT/OPT for those already in the US on F-1 student visas). While our program is online due to COVID, we welcome staff participating remotely from anywhere; please keep in mind the schedule, which is centered in North America.

Since women and minority students often face a shortage of role models in mathematics, we are especially eager to recruit mentors from these groups.

Those not currently in graduate school, but with a similar background in advanced mathematics and teaching, are welcome to contact us to discuss applying to be faculty.