Mathcamp: 2016 Updates

Updates about Mathcamp 2016

Mathcamp returned to Colby College in the summer of 2016, and camp went really well:

  • We brought 120 great kids to Mathcamp: 49 girls and 71 boys, from 22 states and 9 countries. We awarded financial aid to 37% of our students, including 28 full scholarships. And 2016 was the first year in which we admitted more new girls than new boys.
  • We did so much math! We ran 90+ classes, 16 colloquia, and 25 small-group projects. I've never seen so many people working so hard on Group Theory problem sets.
  • We built an amazing community. It's really inspiring for all of us to be teaching and learning in such great company. In the words of one new student: "The group Mathcamp introduces to you is the most friendly, curious and interesting community you'll know."

Here's what we've been up to at Mathcamp over the last few years:

  • Assembling strong cohorts of campers. We received a record 479 applicants this year (for only 65 new camper spots), and the students applying are incredibly talented and passionate about math. We've seen great applications from both young women and young men, and the number of girls at camp has risen to 40% of the student body.
  • Awarding lots of financial aid. We're awarding more and more financial aid each year, and we've taken a bold approach: Mathcamp is completely free for families with household incomes of $65,000 and below, and tuition is on a sliding scale for middle-income families.
  • Running the same great program. It's just as math-y and camp-y as ever! As one 2016 student described it: "My summers here have made me not just a better mathematician but also a better person."

Thank you for supporting Mathcamp 2016!