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Response Plan

Role of the Camp Nurse
In collaboration with the logistical coordinating team on staff, the Camp Nurse will play a central role in addressing any potential cases of Covid-19 at camp. The nurse will: oversee the care of those who are ill; discuss symptoms with those who are potentially ill; notify exposures (contact tracing) and implement enhanced precautions (including serial testing); determine when it is appropriate to release individuals from isolation; monitor the medical supplies at camp; track metrics (internal to camp and external) that serve as the key inputs to camp's color-code level; and take the lead for (internal and external) communication with our community.

Isolation and Recovery
Individuals who test positive for Covid-19 will be isolated in a private room, and their possessions will be brought to them by staff. Food will be provided by Mathcamp staff for the duration of isolation, and the Camp Nurse will monitor the isolated individual's symptoms. Mathcamp will also develop activities and materials to enable isolated individuals to stay engaged academically and socially at camp during their isolation period. Isolation precautions will be discontinued in accordance with current best practices, including resolution of fever and a negative test.

Breaking the chain of transmission
The first strategy for breaking the chain of transmission is isolation of known cases. The second strategy is enhanced precautions and monitoring for close contacts who may have been exposed to the virus. The third strategy is enhanced precautions for the entire camp, as encoded in the color level, which may be raised in response to a number of cases or suspected transmission events at camp.

Internal communication: Keeping campers, staff, and visitors informed
Efficient, centralized, consistent communication within our community will be key to staying safe. Mathcamp students and staff will have a central source for up-to-date information, and clear reporting procedures for participants experiencing symptoms as well as systems for contact tracing and notification.

External communication: Keeping families informed
Mathcamp will keep the families of our students informed with regular updates throughout the summer about the current color level and the number of cases at camp (should any occur). Mathcamp will promptly notify parents or guardians of students who test positive or show symptoms of Covid-19, and update them frequently on their students’ status.