Mathcamp 2022 will be a residential program! Learn more.

Planning for Covid-19

Last updated 1/11/2022

As we return to a residential program, the safety of campers and staff is our first priority. In addition to adhering to the guidance of public health institutions and state regulations, we're also designing a Mathcamp-specific set of protocols tailored to our particular situation.

Thanks to widely-available vaccines and rapid testing, we believe that we can run a dynamic, inclusive, and safe version of Mathcamp in a residential format. Read more about our principles.

The details that depend on up-to-date information will be set based on public health best practices at the time of camp, but we have already designed a framework for operations this summer. Its key features include:

These operating procedures have been developed via in-depth consultations with public health and medical professionals about Mathcamp's specific activities and circumstances. For more information on the supporting research, visit our scientific appendix. The plans will be updated throughout spring 2022 in coordination with Colby’s Covid-19 Compliance Program for summer programs, as well as state and federal guidelines.

For more details regarding our Covid-19 protocols, download the Mathcamp 2022 Covid-19 Plan [PDF] (our policies and procedures document) and the Scientific Appendix [PDF].