Minimizing the Risk of Introductions of Covid-19

The following precautions are intended to minimize the chance that a person arrives at camp with a Covid-19 infection and transmits it to other people at camp.

Precautions Before Camp

All participants will sign pre-camp agreements to take the following precautions before camp:
  • Complete a full course of vaccination for Covid-19 using a WHO-approved vaccine, including a booster if eligible, unless an exemption is approved in advance
  • Avoid unmasked participation in large (100+ people) indoor events (such as big weddings or family reunions) in the 7 days leading to camp
  • Travel to camp well-rested, well-fed, and hydrated
  • Take a rapid test immediately before departing for their travel to camp
  • Wear a high-quality mask (N95, KF94, or similar) while in transit to camp if using commercial transportation
  • Delay arrival to camp if sick (with Covid or any other contagious illness)

Mathcamp will work with all participants in advance to make sure they have access to appropriate resources (e.g. to coordinate access to rapid tests and masks as needed).

Participants must also agree to the Mathcamp Code of Conduct, which includes language regarding: mutual respect regarding Covid-19 concern; supporting each other’s safety; and following the Covid-19 policies. In particular, all participants must agree to notify a staff member in case of symptoms so that the appropriate response precautions can be taken promptly.

Arrivals to Camp

Upon arrival at camp: Registration will take place outside, in front of the dormitory. Before entering the dorms, all participants will take a rapid test and complete a symptom screening. This also applies to any travel companions who wish to enter the dorm (e.g. to help move in).

During the first seven days: All participants will continue to be tested each morning throughout their first week. Camp operations will begin at Yellow for internal interactions.

In the event that a participant cannot travel to camp on their planned arrival date for Covid-19 related reasons (e.g. if they test positive just before camp), they may arrive at camp late and will follow the same arrival and seven-day procedures starting from their delayed arrival date.

Mid-Camp Travel

In order to reduce the possibility of introducing Covid-19 to camp through high-risk events, Mathcamp students and staff will not be permitted to come to camp within 7 days of attending an international olympiad (e.g. the IMO, ILO, etc); this effectively means that participants must choose between attending Mathcamp and representing their country in olympiad competitions this summer.

Other mid-camp travel (of up to a week away from camp) may be considered on a case-by-case basis, and requires prior arrangement before registration. For everyone's safetey, we ask participants to avoid unneccesary travel. The admissions committee reserves the right to prioritize spots for those who are able to participate for the full five weeks at camp.


All overnight visitors to Mathcamp (e.g. guest speakers) will use the same precautions before coming to camp and upon arrival as described above. If the code level is elevated to Internal Red and/or External Red, visitors may be prohibited.