Additional Precautions for Individuals

We acknowledge that there will be differences in risk assessment and risk tolerance among our campers and staff. We seek to ensure that all essential activities will be accessible to everyone. To that end, the following options are available to each individuals regardless of the color level:

  • Classes: Campers will have an option to mask themselves in classrooms and choose a socially-distanced seat.
  • Dining: There will be to-go boxes available in the servery for those who prefer to eat outdoors or in a Mathcamp-only space.
  • Dorms: We will do our best to honor advance requests for single rooms for participants who prefer not to have a roommate, and will reserve extra single rooms in case we need to make changes to any rooming situations during the summer.
  • Social activities: All individuals can choose which activities they want to participate in, and there will be activities held outdoors throughout the summer. All participants are encouraged to organize and post their own social events on the schedule board, for which they may select an outdoor setting and/or ask participants to wear masks.
  • Mandatory activities: When there are all-camp activities (e.g. orientation day, weekly assembly, closing ceremonies), individuals may choose a socially-distanced seat. (Note that all-camp gatherings will either take place outdoors or will require masks.) For other mandatory interactions (e.g. daily sign-in, weekly advisor meetings), campers will have the option to schedule their interactions outdoors or to mask themselves.

Rapid tests and masks will be available for all participants at the Mathcamp office, and the Camp Nurse will provide consistent support to students throughout camp.

In advance of camp, participants can indicate accessibility needs and requests at the time of registration, and we will work with students and families in advance of camp to coordinate with Mathcamp staff and our host campus to put appropriate accommodations in place.