All Mathcamp programs and reunions are currently online: Learn more.

Planning for COVID-19

Last updated 1/14/2021

Planning for Summer 2021: Safety is our first priority, and we're committed to the spirit of freedom and flexibility that makes Mathcamp unique (rather than changing the structure to operate a residential program with significant restrictions). With this in mind, we have decided that Mathcamp 2021 will take place online.

Is online Mathcamp worthwhile? We think that the answer is YES! While a virtual program cannot replace the residential experience of Mathcamp, our community is incredibly flexible and creative. In 2020, we created a new and dynamic experience for our students. We are ready to build on that successful model for a second online summer, and are excited about creating an immersive, inspiring world. Learn more about Virtual MC.

Can international students apply? Yes, we welcome international students to join us! This past summer, we brought new students, returning alumni, and staff from around the world to participate in Virtual Mathcamp 2020, and it worked very well. Those in the eastern hemisphere—about 13% of camp—generously adapted their schedules to align with our academic day. If you're an international student considering coming to camp this summer, we'd be happy to put you in touch with alums who have experienced Virtual Mathcamp first-hand.

What does this mean for alumni? We welcome all eligible alums back to camp this summer. We have suspended the cap on the number of alumni returning to camp for the summers of 2020 and 2021. Stay tuned on the dates & deadlines page for more information as the spring calendar for sign-up and registration becomes available.

We look forward to reuniting in person when it is safe to do so. Meanwhile, the Mathcamp staff are all working from home, and we ask everyone in the extended Mathcamp family to join us in taking appropriate precautions to protect our communities.