Covid-19 Protocols

As we returned to a residential program, the safety of campers and staff was our first priority. In addition to adhering to the guidance of public health institutions and state regulations, we also designed a Mathcamp-specific set of protocols tailored to our particular situation.

The widespread availability of vaccines (including for people under 18) and rapid tests made it possible for us to plan a safe return to campus.

Our goal was to make the camp as normal as possible by enacting pragmatic policies to reduce the risks of Covid-19 and its impact on camp. Key prevention strategies included:

  • a vaccine mandate for all campers and staff
  • enhanced precautions for all new arrivals to camp, including regular testing
  • enhanced precautions in the first week of camp
  • limiting interactions between Mathcamp and the outside world, as enabled by Colby's rural location

For more details regarding our 2022 Covid-19 protocols, download the Mathcamp 2022 Covid-19 Plan [PDF] (our policies and procedures document) and the Scientific Appendix [PDF], or read the pages in the left menu.