2019 Visiting Speakers

Here are a few of our guest speakers from Mathcamp 2019:

Week 1

Photo of Mike Orrison (Harvey Mudd)

Mike Orrison (Harvey Mudd)
Michael is a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, where he has been since 2001. His teaching interests include linear algebra, abstract algebra, discrete mathematics, and representation theory. His research interests include voting theory and harmonic analysis on finite groups. In particular, he enjoys finding, exploring, and describing novel applications of the representation theory of finite groups. He also enjoys cooking, watching movies, and coaching and refereeing soccer. Visit Mike's website.

Photo of Po-Shen Loh (Carnegie Mellon)

Po-Shen Loh (Carnegie Mellon)
Po-Shen Loh is a math enthusiast and evangelist. He is the national coach of the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team, a math professor at Carnegie Mellon University, and the founder of expii.com, an educational technology platform which delivers free personalized learning on every smartphone. His math research considers a variety of questions that lie at the intersection of combinatorics (the study of discrete systems), probability theory, and computer science. Visit Po-Shen's website.

Photo of John Mackey (Carnegie Mellon)

John Mackey (Carnegie Mellon)
After giving a final exam early in my career, a group of students remained to chat and discuss the course. Eventually I got up the nerve to ask the students what they thought of the class. One of them exclaimed, "Mackey, you're unbelievable!". I blushed and said, "Thanks so much, that's very kind." After some awkward silence, one of the students offered, "Perhaps you misunderstand."

Here's what you need to know:
1) I've gotten better at teaching.
2) We'll have a great time this summer!

Believe it.

(Visit John's website.)

Week 2

Photo of Luke Joyner

Luke Joyner
Luke walked from Chicago to Pittsburgh one time. He designs cities, and makes maps and things. He loves to do math, but isn't a mathematician.

Week 3

Photo of Olivia Walch (University of Michigan)

Olivia Walch (University of Michigan)
I study the mathematics of sleep and circadian rhythms— how light affects your body, how we can track and predict sleep in the wild, and what sleep health means for overall health. I’m also a cartoonist, and I make math-themed apps, including one called Squigglish that makes lines wiggle with Fourier series. Visit Olivia's website.

Photo of Angelica Osorno (Reed)

Angelica Osorno (Reed)
I'm an algebraic topologist who is also interested in higher category theory. At Mathcamp, I'll teach something in the intersection of discrete geometry (polytopes) and combinatorics. Visit Angélica's website.

Week 4

Photo of Zach Abel (MIT)

Zach Abel (MIT)
I'm a former camper and mentor who is delighted to return for my 8th Mathcamp! You can often find me turning office supplies into geometric sculptures (join my evening activities at camp!), solving or writing puzzles (ask about my elephants!), researching computational geometry (often origami-related!), and using too many asides and exclamation marks (!). Visit Zach's website.