2018 Classes

Here is an overview of our courses from this summer. You can read the class descriptions ("blurbs"), view the global schedule in a grid, or see all the classes sorted by category.

Here is the list of classes by subject:


  • Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
  • Cyclotomic Polynomials and Migotti's Theorem
  • Galois Theory
  • Group Theory
  • Intro Ring Theory
  • Linear Algebra
  • Spectral Graph Theory
  • Visualizing Groups
  • Wedderburn's Theorem
  • What is a "Sylow" anyways?
  • Would I ever Lie Group to you?
  • Wreath Products


  • Calculus without Calculus
  • Chaotic? Good!
  • Continued Fraction Expansions and e
  • Convergence Issues; or: Monsters in Real Analysis
  • Elliptic functions
  • Infinitesimaller Calculus: Sequences, Integrals, and Democracy
  • Irrationality Proofs
  • One-Day Complex Analysis
  • Oversize Airline Luggage
  • What should integration be?
  • Colloquium: The Most Beautiful Equation in Math

Applied Math

  • Axiomatic Music Theory part 2: Rhythm
  • Game Theory (The Economic Variety)
  • How to Get Away from Dead Guys
  • Infections, contractions, and tumors, Oh My! Agent Based Modeling of Biological Systems.
  • Mathematica Workshop
  • Mathematics of Democracy
  • Nonzero-sum games
  • Special Relativity
  • The Maths of Peppa Pig
  • The Quantum Spring
  • Colloquium: How to Win the Lottery
  • Colloquium: Is Mathematics Biology's Next Microscope?
  • Colloquium: Quantum Mathematicians


  • A Slice of PIE
  • An Introduction to q-Analogues
  • Combinatorial Designs
  • Combinatorial Game Theory
  • Combinatorial Poetry
  • Cycles in permutations
  • Divisor Theory of Graphs
  • Generating Functions, Catalan Numbers, and Partitions
  • Graph Minors
  • How to Juggle
  • Intersecting polynomials
  • Intro Graph Theory
  • King Chicken Theorems
  • Latin Squares and Finite Geometries
  • Partially Ordered Sets
  • The Stable Marriage Problem
  • de Bruijn Sequences
  • Colloquium: The Threshold Density Theorem
  • Colloquium: What is a q-analog?

Computer Science

  • Curse of Dimensionality
  • Hardness
  • Haskell
  • Information Theory and the Redundancy of English
  • Simple Models of Computation
  • Teaching Computers to Read
  • The Art of Live-TeXing
  • Colloquium: Building machines that learn and think like people


  • Axiomatic Geometry
  • DIY Hyperbolic Geometry
  • Hilbert's Paper, Scissors, and Rock
  • Triangulations and Flip-Graphs
  • Tropical Plane Curves
  • Yes, you can square the circle
  • Yes, you can trisect angles
  • Colloquium: Dynamical Limits: Sometimes a Picture is Worth Zero Words

History, Literature, and Education

  • History of Math
  • Mathematical Art History
  • Colloquium: Accidental Mathematics
  • Colloquium: Change of Perspective in Mathematics

Logic/Set Theory

  • Crash Course
  • Minus Choice, Still Paradoxes
  • Stupid Games on Uncountable Sets
  • The Continuum Hypothesis
  • Colloquium: Not the Continuum Hypothesis

Number Theory

  • Dirichlet's Theorem on Primes a mod b
  • Galois Theory and Number Theory
  • Intro Number Theory
  • Quadratic reciprocity


  • Probability & Paradoxes
  • Shuffling and Card Tricks

Problem Solving

  • A Mathematician's Perspective on the World
  • ARML Power Rounds
  • Problem Solving: Tetrahedra
  • Problem-Solving: The Just Do It method
  • Street Fighting Mathematics
  • Colloquium: Two equals one: Street-fighting mathematics and science for better teaching and thinking


  • Combinatorial Topology
  • Differential Topology
  • Higher Homotopy Groups
  • Knot Theory
  • Low-Dimensional Zoology
  • The Fundamental Group
  • Uranus has at least 2 storms
  • Colloquium: A hex on your fixed points!