2016 Staff

The 2016 Faculty and Academic Coordinators:

  • David Roe is one of this summer's Academic Coordinators. He is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh. His mathematical interests include Representation Theory of p-adic Groups and Computational Number Theory. Visit David's website.
  • Misha Lavrov is also an Academic Coordinator for Mathcamp 2016. He is a fifth-year grad student at Carnegie Mellon University. His mathematical interests include Ramsey Theory and Probabilistic Combinatorics. Visit Misha's website.
  • Kevin Carde has been teaching at Mathcamp since 2011. He received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 2014 and is now the Software Developer for Mathcamp. His mathematical interests include Algebraic Combinatorics, Cluster Algebras, and Complex Analysis.
  • Marisa Debowsky has been teaching at Mathcamp since 2006. She is the Program Director of Mathcamp. Her mathematical interests include Topological Graph Theory and Combinatorics.
  • Mark Krusemeyer has been teaching at Mathcamp since 1997. He is a Professor at Carleton College. His mathematical interests include Abstract Algebra, Combinatorics, Number Theory, and Problem Solving.
  • Nic Ford has been teaching at Mathcamp since 2010. He is a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley. His mathematical interests include problems in Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory with a combinatorial flavor. Visit Nic's website.
  • Susan Durst has been teaching at Mathcamp since 2008. She is currently a Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Arizona, and will be joining the faculty of Proof School in the fall. Her mathematical interests include Finitely-Generated Algebras, Combinatorics, and Logic. Visit Susan's website.


  • Adam Hesterberg is a grad student at MIT studying Computational Geometry. He likes to solve cryptic puzzles.
  • Assaf Bar-Natan is a grad student at McGill studying geometric group theory. He likes watching movies.
  • Chris Ohrt is a grad student at UCLA studying differential topology and K-theory. He likes running and being outdoors.
  • Don Laackman is a grad student at UCLA studying Algebraic Groups. He enjoys cooking and board games.
  • Jane Wang is a grad student at MIT studying geometry and dynamics. She likes hiking and being in nature.
  • Jeff Hicks is a grad student at UC Berkeley studying Symplectic Geometry. He enjoys salsa dancing.
  • Sachi Hashimoto is on the math faculty at Proof School, and studies algebraic geometry. She likes making things.
  • Sam Gutekunst is a grad student at Cornell studying constrained optimization. He likes climbing and running around outside.
  • Zach Abel is a grad student at MIT studying interactions between geometry and theoretical computer science. He designs and builds mathematical sculptures.


  • Anna Ellison is a freshman at MIT studying math. She also likes baking, cats, and origami.
  • Elizabeth Chang-Davidson is a freshman at MIT studying mechanical engineering, as well as some amount of math (she isn't sure how much yet). She enjoys reading, baking, and building things.
  • Jackie Bredenberg is a freshman at MIT, studying math and computer science. She loves hiking, playing frisbee, cooking, and playing board games with ridiculous made-up rules.
  • Mia Smith is a senior at Williams College studying mathematics. She enjoys trail running, backpacking and doing crossword puzzles with friends.
  • Riley Thornton is a senior at Reed College studying Math. They also bake and like philosophy.
  • Stan Mach is a fourth year maths student at Warwick. He enjoys long-distance running, playing the guitar and sipping green tea.
  • Vivian Kuperberg is a junior at Cornell studying math. She also enjoys dancing, juggling, and linguistics puzzles!
  • Yuval Wigderson is a senior at Princeton studying math. He enjoys reading interesting books.

Generally Helpful Person:

  • Gloria Krusemeyer has been the Generally Helpful Person at Mathcamp for many years. Campers will see her running craft projects, organizing dancing events, and using her engineering-oriented brain to solve real-world problems.

Camp Nurse:

  • Rachel Miville is a Registered Nurse. This is her first summer at Mathcamp.