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Information for Teachers & Coaches

Canada/USA Mathcamp is a binational five-week mathematics enrichment program. Each summer, we bring together 120 talented and mature students, ages 13-18, who spend the summer exploring advanced mathematics in an environment that allows them to set and achieve their own intellectual goals.

This section of the site is intended for teachers and math team coaches: our goal is to provide resources related to gifted education and to invite teachers and coaches to get their most talented students connected with Mathcamp. See the menu at left to get started!

For more general information on what Mathcamp is like, take a look at another section of the site: Get To Know Mathcamp. There, you'll find information about academics at camp, residential life at camp, and overall information about the program.

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Questions & Answers

Every year, we do annual live Q&A sessions ("Math Jams") about Mathcamp and the application process.

You can check out the transcripts from past Jams: we've answered zillions of questions!

As always: if you have questions about Mathcamp that aren't covered on the website (or at the Jam), please contact us and we'll be happy to talk to you about the program. You can also post questions in the Mathcamp forum at the Art of Problem Solving - the Mathcamp staff will post replies, and you'll get student opinions, too.