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Information for Prospective Applicants

Hello, prospective student, and thanks for your interest in Mathcamp! We are looking for mathematically talented students, aged 13 to 18, to join us at Mathcamp 2016. Each summer, we enroll approximately 65 new students and 50 returning alumni. New students are admitted based on their Qualifying Quiz, recommendation letters, personal essay, and math background. If you're looking for information about admissions & financial aid, you're in the right place.

Interested in applying to Mathcamp?

We are not yet accepting applications for Mathcamp 2016; stay tuned for the application starting February 15. In the meantime, get a head start on the 2016 Qualifying Quiz!

Stay Updated

If you'd like to receive emails about important dates and deadlines during the Mathcamp application process, please sign up for updates.

Questions & Answers

We do an annual live Q&A session (a "Math Jam") about Mathcamp and the application process. If you missed the 2015 Jam, check out the transcript: we answered zillions of questions.

You're welcome to contact us with specific questions. You can also post questions in the Mathcamp forum at the Art of Problem Solving - the Mathcamp staff will post replies, and you'll get student opinions, too!