Testimonials from Students

What can I say that could possibly express the wonder of Mathcamp – the joy that exists here, that permeates all who take part in it, that stays with them afterwards?

- Anna de Bakker, student at Mathcamp '03,'06,'07

About the Mathcamp Experience


Mathcamp opens doors you never knew existed. It offers you glimpses into strange, new worlds – pathological topological spaces, category theory, hyperbolic geometry and linear optimisation, among others. It introduces you to a community – no, a family – incredibly diverse in talent yet united by a common passion in math. It instills in you a confidence and spirit you find yourself drawing upon when you encounter real-world challenges. Five weeks pass in a flash, but these doors stay open far longer than that.

Yongquan Lu, '09

I learned more useful and accurate information here than anywhere else about math, the world, and myself.

Ned Peters, '06

Mathcamp was the first place where I could be completely myself and have everyone think I was cooler for it.

Kara Greenfield, '06

Casey M

Mathcamp is a lot of math, and it's even more fun. Everyone here loves to do math, and many people know quite a lot of math and will explain it to anyone who asks. Everyone here also loves to do fun things... whatever fits their personal definition of fun. The combination is synergistic and excellent. Imagine exploring a cave in the dark, or going whitewater rafting, or playing card games, or singing, or dancing, or whatever you like to do; now imagine doing that with a bunch of people who love math. If you think this is awesome, then you should come.

Casey McNamara, '08

It's not often that you find a place that excites the mind and liberates the spirit. Mathcamp is both.

Greg Burnham, '06

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Academics at Mathcamp

I've never looked forward to early morning classes as much as at Mathcamp.

Mike Kling, '06

Amit H

I wish I found Mathcamp years before... it is truly a wonderful place and a haven for young mathematicians.

Amit Hazi, '09

My two years at Mathcamp have fundamentally changed (for the better) the way I do mathematics, what mathematical topics I can do, and how I see mathematics and a life associated with it – something no other program has created for me.

David Sprunger, '06

Mathcamp has opened my eyes to fields that I had heard of but knew little about, so now I can do exploring on my own... Before I got here, I was terrified. However, within a few days I felt like I had been here all my life. No matter what, if you love math you'll fit in.

Catherine Sheard, '06

Rekha J

I really liked being with other people who enjoyed math just as much as I did. I liked the freedom that we were given, from choosing classes to choosing what we wanted to do in general. I've learned so much more about math than ever before.

Rekha Jois, '06

Mathcamp opened a flood gate of fresh ideas into my head. I only wish I could learn this much in school!

Trevor Hyde, '07

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Community at Mathcamp

Sam B-F

Mathcamp is a place where all the smart, nice, interesting people you always wished you'd meet come together for five weeks to do math.

Sam Bankman-Fried, '08

The people here at Mathcamp are what make the camp so special. It's the first time I can actually have an intelligent conversation with my peers. So much math, so much fun.

Charlie Stoddard, '06

It's hard to explain how much Mathcamp has come to mean to me. I heard a lot about it before I applied, but even the wonderful things that I heard have nothing on what Mathcamp is like. It's five weeks of meeting the people you've always wanted to meet and meeting the people you never knew you wanted to meet. I have never found a more accepting or more outrageously awesome place to be. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that coming here has been one of the best decisions of my life.

Sonya Levitova, '09

Amy Z

Mathcamp is a chance to be completely surrounded by math and awesome people for five weeks. I learned tons of math, made friends I stay in touch with year-round, and I've had more fun here than I have anywhere else.

Amy Zhou, '09

Returning to Mathcamp this year was like coming home.

Rachel Fong, '08

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Perspectives from Alumni: Life After Mathcamp

Mathcamp has contributed to my personal development more than any other experience in my life. It was there that I formed my deepest friendships, and it was there that my love of mathematics crystallized. At Mathcamp, I was exposed to a level of rigourous argument that I had never seen before, one that helped me immeasurably in my later studies; and at Mathcamp, I encountered a breadth of mathematical topics that I have never seen since. Mathcamp fills a void that is lacking not only in the high schools, but also in the universities; it provides a truly unique experience to creative young math enthusiasts.

Brenda Fine, University of British Columbia

At the risk of being overly sentimental, Mathcamp is where I found myself. At the end of each summer, I think that it can't get any better. Then I return the next summer and the experience only intensifies. The campers and staff all emanate a love for mathematics–something I've found rare in other similar academic programs. The variety of classes is incredible–as is the depth. I firmly believe that Mathcamp is the best way to spend 5 weeks of summer.

Jennifer Balakrishnan, Harvard University

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Don't hesitate – just go. Mathcamp will become the standard of happiness you compare the rest of your life to.

- Asaf Reich, student at Mathcamp '06, '07, '08