Academics at Mathcamp

A Variety of Choices. The Mathcamp academic program gives students the opportunity to study advanced and unusual topics in mathematics in a challenging and fun environment. Throughout the day, there are activities at all levels, beginning to most advanced, on all sorts topics and in lots of different formats:

The Freedom to Choose. Mathcamp has no set curriculum nor list of requirements. We encourage the faculty to teach what they are most passionate about, and let the students choose what they are interested in learning. With the help of an academic advisor, you will design a program of study that reflects your own interests and goals. (Learn more about academic advising.) You can take any classes you want, and even the number of classes that you attend each day is up to you: you can use the rest of the time to review what you've learned, talk to one of your professors, work on problems, or just take a break. For many students, the freedom to take charge of their own education is one of the aspects of Mathcamp that they value most.