Graduate Student Mentors

A Mathcamp mentor teaching a class on spectral graph theory.

Applications are not yet open for summer 2018.

Canada/USA Mathcamp is looking for graduate students in pure and applied mathematics and closely related disciplines as mentors for its Summer 2018 session. This summer, we invite you to:

  • Be a leader in a vibrant community of talented and enthusiastic high-school students and energetic faculty.
  • Teach and learn what most interests you, in an atmosphere of freedom and excitement.
  • Be a friend and mentor to 120 marvelous kids.
  • Be an architect of an experience that those 120 kids will cherish for years.

"Becoming a mentor at Mathcamp was the single best professional choice I made in grad school. I say this not because it was truckloads of fun, a pleasant break from the research routine, and the start of some wonderful friendships, though it was all that and more. The simple joy of working with amazingly bright and talented high school students each summer renewed my passion for mathematics when it sagged at the end of the academic year, and reminded me why it was worthwhile to keep working through all of the doubts and difficulties on the way to my thesis.

At Mathcamp, I learned to give lectures that are entertaining as well as precise and informative. No seminar audience asks tougher questions than Mathcampers. Once you can hold the attention and respect of twenty Mathcampers for a full hour on a sunny summer afternoon, you have nothing to fear from any seminar or colloquium audience in the country."
–Sam Payne, Associate Professor at Yale and former Mathcamp mentor

Quick Facts

  • When: June 20 to August 2, 2018
  • Where: Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
  • Compensation: $4,000 stipend plus room and board for six weeks, and travel expenses
  • Application Deadline: Apply online by February 24, 2017

Since women and minority students often face a shortage of role models in mathematics, we are especially eager to recruit mentors from these groups.

If you might want to be a Mathcamp mentor this summer, we invite you to learn more:

You may also contact the committee with questions.

Thanks for your interest in working at Mathcamp!