Permission Forms for Mathcamp 2018

Students will need several permission forms to participate in Mathcamp; some are required, others are optional. We must receive the mandatory forms by the student's registration deadline, along with the tuition deposit. The optional forms may be submitted at any time.

Which form? Required? Deadline
Mathcamp indemnity form [PDF] YES, Required for Registration Must be received by registration deadline
Mathcamp medical form [PDF] YES, Required for Registration Must be received by registration deadline
Permission to leave campus [PDF] with relatives or family friends Optional (as applicable) May be submitted any time prior to visit

Note that the Model Release form (which returning students submitted in previous summers) is now part of the online registration, rather than a separate form.

Field Trips

In the spring, we will post permission forms for off-campus field trips as well as the use of the campus gym and swimming pool. These forms are optional, but strongly recommended, and you will be able to submit them online before camp starts.

A note to parents: whether you choose to sign field trip forms is, of course, up to you. However, without your signature your child will not be able to go on the trip. Your signature does not obligate your child to participate; it only means that he or she has the option to do so, and can decide later on. Even though these trips (like all field trips at Mathcamp) are optional, we encourage you to give your child the opportunity to participate if he or she wishes.

For more information on this year's activites, see Field Trips.

Please call or email us if you have any questions about permission forms.